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HLJX Plastic Machinery is a professional China quiet granulators Manufacturers. Since 1980, we have been working in the field of plastic industry. Our core products include parts, accessories, auxiliary systems and peripheral equipment of plastic machinery. Our products are also widely used in shipbuilding, food processing, energy and chemical industry, intelligent manufacturing and other industrial fields. As a famous OEM Low Speed Granulators factory, our main products include robots, low-speed granulators, mold temperature controllers, industrial chillers, fluid connectors, pumps, valves, vacuum suction machine, dryer, vacuum exhaust system, screw core temperature control device, flashback arrestors, oil cooler, wholesale quiet granulators, etc. Company production base is located in China's largest port city of Ningbo, has advanced production equipment at home and abroad, has perfect production process, has passed ISO9001:2008 international quality system certification, ISO14001:2004 environment system certification and CE certification of export to Europe. We are willing to cooperate with you and develop together, brilliant!

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A mold temperature controller, also known as a mold temperature control unit, is a device used in the manufacturing of plastic products to regulate the temperature of a mold during the molding process. The purpose of a mold temperature controller is to ensure that the mold is maintained at a consistent temperature throughout the molding process, which is essential for achieving high-quality, consistent plastic parts.
The temperature of the mold is critical to the success of the molding process. If the mold is too cold, the plastic may not flow as well, leading to incomplete filling of the mold or the formation of voids in the plastic part. If the mold is too hot, the plastic may melt or deform, causing defects in the final product. By using a mold temperature controller, the temperature of the mold can be precisely controlled and maintained within a narrow range, ensuring consistent part quality.
A mold temperature controller typically consists of a heating and cooling unit, a temperature control unit, and a fluid circulation system. The heating and cooling unit heats or cools a fluid, such as water or oil, which is then circulated through the mold to control its temperature. The temperature control unit monitors and adjusts the temperature of the fluid, while the fluid circulation system ensures that the fluid flows through the mold at a consistent rate.
Mold temperature controllers are available in a range of sizes and configurations to accommodate different types and sizes of molds. They are commonly used in injection molding and blow molding processes, as well as in other manufacturing processes that require precise temperature control of molds or tools.

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