• The Role of Common Mold Base Parts


    Structural parts Plastic mold factory: 1. Composition The structure of blow molds, casting molds and thermoforming molds is relatively simple. Compression molds, injection molds, and transfer molds ar...

  • Pay Attention to the Operation of the Plastic Crusher at all Times During Work


    1. Plastic Granulators and power units should be installed firmly. If the plastic crusher needs a long-term fixed operation, it should be fixed on the cement foundation; if the plastic crusher needs a...

  • The Crushing Power of the Powerful Crusher is Adjustable


    We are a Plastic Machinery Manufacturer. Let me share with you the advantages of the powerful crusher and the slow silent crusher! Advantages of powerful crusher: 1. The speed of the cutter shaft is f...

  • Precautions for Repairing Plastic Machinery


    Precautions for repairing Plastic machinery (1) When finding the fault point and repairing the fault, it should be noted that the found fault point cannot be regarded as the end point of finding the f...

  • What is the Supporting Method of Plastic Granulators?


    The characteristics of plastics determine the processing equipment, and the granulation after the plastic granulator brace is also a very important part. The pelletizer can be divided into hot cutting...

  • Briefly Describe the Precautions for Plastic Granulators


    A plastic granulator is a kind of equipment that can re-create plastic granules from waste plastics. It is mainly used to process waste plastic films (industrial packaging films, agricultural mulching...

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