• The Role of Mold Temperature Controller


    A mold temperature controller is a device used in the manufacturing of plastic and rubber products. It helps to regulate the temperature of the mold during the injection molding process, which is the ...

  • Advantages of Low Speed Granulators


    There are several advantages of using low speed granulators in plastic recycling processes, including: 1. Reduced Thermal Degradation: The low-speed and high-torque cutting process used by low speed g...

  • Precautions of choosing an injection molding machine


    First of all, we have to choose the right model, which is very important. In fact, the main selection is the type and series of machines, which are comprehensively determined according to the products...

  • What are the Characteristics of Low Speed Granulators?


    Low speed granulators, also known as "slow speed granulators" or "soundproof granulators," are types of plastic recycling equipment used to grind and reduce the size of plastic waste. They are designe...

  • What Should be Paid Attention to in the Correct Use and Maintenance of Plastic Granulator?


    1. After the plastic granulator extrusion mold arrives, unpack and check that the packaging is intact: after unpacking, take out the packing list and unpack for inspection. Instruction manuals and oth...

  • The Role of Common Mold Base Parts


    Structural parts Plastic mold factory: 1. Composition The structure of blow molds, casting molds and thermoforming molds is relatively simple. Compression molds, injection molds, and transfer molds ar...

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