• Application of Plastic Shredder


    We are a Plastic machinery Manufacturer, let’s share with you the applications of plastic crushers.   One is the corn...

  • Reasons for Vibration Failure of Power Crusher


    We are a professional Plastic machinery Manufacturer. Today, I will share with you the reasons and solutions for vibration failures of powerful crushers. Precautions for repairing Plastic machinery (1) When finding the fault point and repairing the fault, it should be no...

  • Maintenance Knowledge of Plastic Granulators


    Plastic granulator, mainly used for the production and processing of waste plastic films (industrial packaging films, agricultural plastic films, greenhouse films, beer bags, handbags, etc.), woven ba...

  • Practical Considerations for Plastic Granulators


    In reality, many friends do not have a good grasp of the knowledge of machine operation, so many times the failure of machinery and equipment is caused by misoperation. Therefore, plastic machinery an...

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