Beside the press granulating and recycling

Heli machinery inc. is a professional manufacturer of plastic machinery, as a famous China Beside-the-press granulators manufacturers and Beside-the-press granulators suppliers, we plan for you from the auxiliary equipment of the entire plastic molding plant, including plastic raw material storage, drying and conveying to metering and mixing, from the temperature control of the mold to the cooling system of the molding equipment, from the automated manipulator to the crushing and recycling of waste materials.

In view of the low utilization rate of current plastic recycling, and traditional plastic recycling methods, there are problems such as loud noise, serious secondary pollution, large dust, uneven particles, and high labor costs. We have developed a new type of machine through continuous innovation. grinder. It is particularly suitable to be placed next to plastic machinery such as injection molding machines, blow molding machines, etc., and can be used for efficient crushing and automatic recycling of various plastic nozzle materials, scraps, semi-finished products, waste products, etc. We can form a set of automatic crushing and recycling system together with the new type of machine-side crusher by matching different recycling methods. This can greatly improve the recycling rate of plastics, reduce production costs and labor costs, and optimize the workshop environment.

Features and advantagesThe crushed particles are uniform, no dust, low noise, and no secondary pollution of the crushed material.


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