• Operating Characteristics of Plastic Extruders


    Various types of products in the plastic extruder production line, the operating characteristics of the plastic extruder, and a detailed understanding of the operating characteristics of the extruder ...

  • Extruder Operating Procedures


    ① Every time the extruder starts to produce, it is necessary to carefully check whether there are foreign objects in the barrel and up and down the hopper, and remove all debris and oil in time. ② If ...

  • What are the Applications of Plastic Extruders?


    What are the application scope of plastic extruders and the products they produce? In recent years, conventional plastic extruders and plastic extrusion production lines produced in China have sold we...

  • What are the Production Characteristics and Types of Plastic Extruders?


    What are the production characteristics of plastic products formed by plastic extruder? How many types are there? Production characteristics of plastic products formed by plastic extruder ① The struct...

  • Granulators: The Right Fit


    Size reduction offers recycling processors the ability to enhance efficiency, with low-speed, meter-fed granulators that tackle sprues, runners and small parts, to high-speed closed-loop systems to fe...

  • Definition of Granulator


    With that in mind, to understand what a true granulator (or granulating process) is, we need to take into account the definition of the word. Originally, to granulate something was to turn a larger co...

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